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There’s this famous quote from Gandhi that goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”...

When I was kid, my favourite memories came from having a plate of cookies and a glass of milk before bed.

But as I grew up, so did my diet. I noticed that the classic cookies I once loved are packed full of sugar, carbs, and a list of ingredients that felt like a science experiment. And as I searched for a healthier alternative, I realized that although there were 'better-for-you" options, most were bland, tasted like cardboard, and quick frankly…BORINGG!
So I decided to take Gandhi's advice and become the change I wished to see.
At Effin' Good, our mission is to bring back the fun and nostalgia you get from your favourite childhood cookies but with an upgraded ingredient list you’d be proud of.

We hope you love Effin' Good as much as we do!

Signing off,
Damien "cookie monster" Law
Founder & CEO